Shelter……. for this one basic need every living thing builds for itself, but architecture seeps in when there is a conscious effort to develop a building into a piece of Art. From the ancient times awesome temples and places to today’s modern buildings, architecture has been an integral part of living and working spaces. Architecture keeps developing as a science and art with the ever changing and demanding lifestyle.

The scope of work offered by Concept Designers covers the following services across a variety of domains.

A)   Architectural Services

  • Preparation of overall building plans and drawings for statutory approvals & working Drawings for the execution of work.
  • Providing all the detailed plans, sections and elevation of the buildings.
  • Providing the details of various aspects of a building like flooring, doors, windows, grills etc.
  • Execution of the construction schedule and finishing details up to completion.

 B)   Interior Works

  • Preparation of layout plans, elevations and initially presentation drawings.
  • Providing detailed drawings for the various areas like civil, flooring, wood work, electrical, false ceiling details plumbing and so on to the contractors.
  • Monitoring the site, monitoring the construction process and coordinating with consultants, contractors and suppliers.
  • Checking and certifying the contractor’s bills.

C)   Project Planning and Management.

  • PERT/ CPM charts are prepared for the display of the progression of all the activities involved to ensure completion on time.
  • Detailed bar charts are also made depicting the functional schedule.
  • Project monitoring is done meticulously to ensure smooth progress of all the activities.
  • Reports are generated providing details of the status and progress of the project.
  • Coordinating with company on the technical and financial front and also coordinating with consultants, contractors and suppliers.
  • Deputing a team of engineers to supervise the day to day management of the construction process.
  • Checking and certifying the contractor’s bills.
  • Monitoring the site and the construction process up to completion.

D)   Vastu

Vastu principles are followed for all the projects without compromising the functionality and utility of the spaces. Designing is done to utilize the natural resources available in the best possible way to reduce impact on the environment.